5 Puniho, Taranaki, New Zealand Current Weather Conditions

Puniho, Taranaki, New Zealand

Current Weather Conditions

09 September 2021 12:20

Current Conditions
Outside Temperature N/A
Wind Chill N/A
Heat Index N/A
Dewpoint N/A
Humidity N/A
Barometer N/A
Barometer Trend (3 hours) N/A
Wind N/A from N/A (N/A)
Beaufort Scale N/A ($word_beaufort)
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr
Inside Temperature 18.3°C

# Regular temperature is shown until the Wind Chill calculation kicks in at a temp. <= 15°C with wind >= 4.8 kmh; or for Heat Index, temp. >= 26.5°C and humidity >= 40%

Since Midnight
High Temperature
Low Temperature
N/A at N/A
N/A at N/A
High Heat Index
Low Wind Chill
N/A at N/A
N/A at N/A
High Humidity
Low Humidity
N/A at N/A
N/A at N/A
High Dewpoint
Low Dewpoint
N/A at N/A
N/A at N/A
High Barometer
Low Barometer
N/A at N/A
N/A at N/A
Today's Rain 0.0 mm
High Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr at 00:00
High Wind N/A from N/A at N/A
Average Wind N/A
RMS Wind N/A
Vector Average Speed
Vector Average Direction
High Inside Temperature
Low Inside Temperature
18.3°C at 12:03
15.0°C at 06:11

My Observations

These stats are based on a 9am to 9am day.

Months Average Rainfall
Seasons Average Rainfall
Years Cumulative Average Rainfall
117.3 mm - 20.3 mm for month to date
352.7 mm - 20.3 mm for season to date
1104.1 mm - 1133.9 mm for year to date
Percentage Months Average Rainfall
Percentage Seasons Average Rainfall
Percent Years Cumulative Ave Rainfall
Months Rain Days
Years Rain Days
2 out of 8
.118 out of 251
Months Evaporation
Years Evaporation
20.3 mm
557.6 mm
Months Moisture Differential  #
Seasons Moisture Differential
Years Moisture Differential
0.0 mm
0.0 mm
576.3 mm
Soil Temperature at 7 cmnr ° C

# Moisture Differential is calculated as periods rainfall minus evaporation.

Other Local Weather Stations
Upper Newall Rd 'Newall'
Oxford Rd., Okato Township 'Okato'

About this weather station:
Latitude: 39° 12.01' S
Longitude: 173° 49.55' E
Altitude: 49 meters
Today's Almanac
Start civil twilight: 06:08:04
Sunrise: 06:35:17
Transit: 12:22:06
Sunset: 18:09:32
End civil twilight: 18:36:47
Azimuth: 0.7°
Altitude: 45.5°
Right ascension: 167.6°
Declination: 5.3°
Equinox: 23 September 2021 07:21
Solstice: 22 December 2021 04:59
Rise: 07:54:54
Transit: 14:06:45
Set: 20:29:37
Azimuth: 38.2°
Altitude: 44.6°
Right ascension: 193.3°
Declination: -0.6°
Full moon: 21 September 2021 11:54
New moon: 07 October 2021 00:05
Phase: Waxing crescent (5% full)
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